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I ran away from the work, we're waiting for you at cheloo wife terrace Close the phonedon't go home No matter whatdon't answer, today we're makin "ourselves justice" Truthful like them pigs drunken of freedom Cheloo wife think that i'm wrong, i'm not feeling guilty Today i don't think stray, i'm thinking fizzy!! She's gonna wait you, she's gonna worry, this way the woman is And you're gonna drink with us cheerful, that's the idea!!

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You look for the warm and attention. You're a man or you're a "rag"? This is your day!!!

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X2 Chorus Let's put the cards on the tabley'all give us what we need And we're gonna stop pretend that we're asking your permission It's an last appeal at sincerity You're telling me that i'm not the same anymore, that i'm rude, graceless "I'm free cheloo wife the chicken into the soup on the boil on a stove" It's possible that i'm gonna help at the emancipation of the mans And to put an end, again to the matriarch cheloo wife your body, attitude and come back tomorrow 'Cause it's detoxifiere extrem de rapida to disappear definatelly, while i'm going to buy bread"!

Friends knows it why, we know it why We don't have erotic dreams with wives!!

cheloo wife

We want musiccars, cold bear and womans Not a guardian to tell me dailly "Take care on how much ya drink"!! We're dailly enduring with heroism your fastidiousness It's sad and we have to change the roles!!

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On man's day only the bear knok us out!!!