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Favorites Abstract By local recurrence we define the appearance of the same anatomopathological type of cancer like the one initially described in the primary tumor, limited at the rectum or pelvis.

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The study is based on the analysis of all the cases with rectal cancer who undergone surgical procedures in Surgical Clinic No. Mures in the last 5 years. Using the most important parameters for each patient we identified some risk factors for the recurrence of the rectal cancer: surgical procedures--there were no major variations in the local recurrence between the sphincter-saving operations and rectal cancer young perineal resections.

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The most frequent recurrence tumors appeared after Hartmann I operation; the moderate aggressive adenocarcinomas at the old patients and high aggressive adenocarcinomas in young patients, T3, T4 stages. The recurrent rectal cancer is more frequent in aged patients with high aggressive adenocarcinomas.

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There were no major differences in recurrence rate between the sphincter-saving operations and abdominal perineal procedures. Similar articles.

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